ISO 14001:2004

The Centric Group is a printing and sign making company and is committed to the concept of reducing to a minimum any actions that have an adverse effect on the environment. This commitment extends not only to its own actions but also to advice given to its customers. It supports this commitment by operating both to the ISO 9001 quality management system and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

In conducting its printing business it aims to prevent pollution and to save natural resources by operating in the most environmentally efficient and friendly way and by recycling wherever this is practical. This it does by not only keeping its use of materials down to a minimum but also its use of non-renewable resources such as petrol and, indirectly, of electricity. Furthermore it aims in its printing business to encourage its customers to adopt environmentally friendly business practices wherever possible.

This commitment extends to all areas of its business whether carried out on its own or on its customers premises. It further aims to continually improve its environmental performance in order to safeguard the quality of the environment, both locally and globally.

Legislation and regulations

All applicable legislation and regulations are adhered to at all times and it is Centric Group policy to keep up to date and implement the requirements of all new environmental legislation.

Management responsibilities

The Directors and Managers are responsible, both individually and collectively for communicating to all employees the environmental needs of the Centric Group Ltd and for enacting the environmental policy of the company.

Local requirements

It is the aim of the Centric Group, irrespective of any regulations or legislation to be a good neighbour and, while providing its customers needs to reduce to an absolute minimum any environmental aspects.

Review of environmental policy, objectives and targets

Centric Group has a number of environmental objectives that are publicised to staff, customers and the public. These targets are set and regularly reviewed by means of its environmental auditing, non-conformance control and management review processes.